EUROGEN 2021 Principles of Transparency

The EUROGEN 2021 Proceedings follow the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing:

1) WEBSITE: The EUROGEN 2021 proceedings are published on the ECCOMAS Proceedia website ( and care has been taken to ensure high ethical and professional standards. The aims & scope of the publication is available at the homepage of Eccomas Proceedia (, while the ISSN and DOI are clearly demonstrated at .
2) NAME: The EUROGEN 2021 Proceedings is a unique name and cannot be confused with the proceedings of any other Conference.
3) PEER REVIEW PROCESS: Striving for the academic excellence of the EUROGEN Proceedings, the papers submitted, are peer-reviewed to make sure that the content fulfills the academic standards. The submissions are also evaluated on the basis of proper use of terms and the quality of writing. The Conference’s peer review procedures are clearly described in the Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement available at
4) OWNERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT: EUROGEN 2021 is organized under the auspices of the European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS).
5) GOVERNING BODY: The Scientific Committee of the EUROGEN 2021 Proceedings is the governing body, whose members are recognized experts in the subject areas included within the Conference scope. The full names and affiliations of the governing body are provided on the website, available at
6) EDITORIAL TEAM/CONTACT INFORMATION: The proceedings display the full names and affiliations of the editors on the website as well as their contact information.
7) COPYRIGHT AND LICENSING: Authors have signed a transfer of copyright when submitting their papers to the Conference, while the copyright policy is clearly stated in the author guidelines and the copyright holder is named on all published articles. Likewise, licensing information is clearly described in guidelines on the website.
8) AUTHOR FEES: The fees for participation in the Conference, manuscript processing, and publication in the proceedings is available at
9) PROCESS FOR INDENTIFICATION OF AND DEALING WITH ALLEGATIONS OF RESEARCH MISCONDUCT: The EUROGEN 2021 editors have taken all measures to identify and prevent the publication of papers where research misconduct has occurred, including plagiarism, citation manipulation, and data falsification/fabrication, among others. In the event that the editors are made aware of any allegation of research misconduct relating to a published article in the proceedings, the editors shall follow COPE’s guidelines in dealing with allegations.
10) PUBLICATION ETHICS: The EUROGEN 2021 Proceedings publication ethics are published in the Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement available at
11) PUBLISHING SCHEDULE: The periodicity of the Conference is clearly indicated at
12) ACCESS: It is clearly stated that the EUROGEN 2021 Proceedings are published at the ECCOMAS Proceedia, which is an Open Access publication platform containing the proceedings of Conferences organized under the auspices of the European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS), enabling their fast dissemination in the scientific community. Open Access publication platform
13) ARCHIVING: The Conference editors have electronic backup and preservation of access to the proceedings content.
14) REVENUE SOURCES: The publishing fees are available on the website but publishing fees in no way influence editorial decision-making.
15) ADVERTISING: The Conference does not have any advertising policy.
16) DIRECT MARKETING: The Conference does not have any direct marketing policy.